About Me

Who is Double-O Evan?



My name is Bay… Evan Bay.

And I have something in common with you:

I want your business to acquire LOTS of customers!

But let me be frank…

The reason I want your business to thrive isn’t just because I’m a nice guy.

The other (admittedly less noble) reason is because your success allows me to continue doing what I enjoy most. And that, my friend, is write.

Now, I realize you probably don’t give a damn about what I enjoy. And that’s fair.

But let me tell you why, in this case, you actually should.

See – I don’t enjoy just any ol’ type of writing. I specifically love copywriting or “salesmanship in print”.

And because I care so deeply about my craft, my expectations for anything I write (including what I write for YOU) are higher than James Bond’s kill count.

Every word is carefully considered. Every paragraph fine-tuned. Every page prudently crafted to make your prospect sit up and pay attention, as if awaiting the final number to be called on their winning lotto ticket.

Ultimately, the blood, sweat, and tears I shed into every piece of copy is a labour of love for me – and a resulting parade of customers for you.

Everybody wins.

So, let’s do each other a favour: put me to work on your next copywriting or brand advertising project.

I’ll combine my affection for wordsmithing with extensive knowledge (gained from 1000’s of hours studying persuasive techniques in advertising).

So when it comes to crafting your marketing messages, I’ll save you time…



And the maddening frustration that many entrepreneurs experience when their self-guided marketing efforts flop.

Guesswork will only set you back – take the shortcut to more sales today.

There’s no need to go it alone.

You have me. And I have you.

We’re in this together.

From Vancouver with Love,

The One & Only (Double-O) Evan

Licensed to Thrill


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